Mind the details of the claimed online Sugar/Kazunori orders, the following should be present:

  1. Correct itme and quantities (as highlighted in purple).
  2. Special instruction if present.
  3. Name (Complete) and phone Number.
  4. Name and Last Name initial (If there are special instruction to take up mre soace)+Phone Number.
  5. Including the "How many people is this order for?

- Any of these items missed or not present in the order/receipt will be marked down accordingly.

  • (Update 04/04/2017)


  • The Inclusion of the complete first and last name including number of the courier is still the same, we only use the courier's last name initial if due to special instructions there are limited space provided.
  • (Updated: 02/06/2017)

  • SUGARFISH AND KAZUNORI read time will now be 40 minutes, in all locations, including Hollywood.
  • (Updated: 01/05/2017)

  • For customer requesting for the number of person required for the orders, we should always place the higher number, e.g.
  • If it is the reverse, still place the higher number
  • (Updated: 12/29/2016)


Workflow WHAT TO DO ?
WEBSITE(chose the location first) For Sugarfish. (CLICK ME!!) For Kazunori, (CLICK ME !!!)
Logins? Yes - Use Workbench credentials Logins Not Working? Logins
Special Handling Inst 1. Please make sure that your PC's timezone is in PST. You won't be able to access this if you're not. 2. ALWAYS put the customer's/courier's First Name AND Last Name and Phone number on the special instructions field on one of the items before any special instruction for that item. 3. DO NOT change the contact details after logging in. 4. DO NOT follow the Workbench instruction about clicking on the "Someone else will pick-up" checkbox from the checkout page.
Ready Time Defaults to 40 minutes
Item Unavailable? (strictly for items not visible from the online menu OR items that are grayed out) Use the Need Sub button
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