WORK FLOW Call Spiels
EVALUATION PHASE "Merchant's name, merchant's address, merchant's special notes (if there are)
INTRODUCTION (FIRM) "Hi! This is "Your Name" from Postmates. I'd like to place a pick-up order for (Customer's Name). Do you need his phone number?" "Hi, this is Your Name from Postmates and I'd like to place a pickup order. This call is being recorded for quality assurance purposes (Do Not Pause unless interrupted). The name on the order is (Customer's Name). Do you need a phone number?"
ORDER DETAILS (Pause and let the merchant ask for the order. If becomes a dead air , take the wheel and proactively proceed with the order) "We'd like to have an order for Chicken Pad See Ew and another order for a Seafood Soup, please." Order Unavailable! (Need Order Sub) "Thanks for the heads up! As for the order, let us not place it yet. We'll inform the customer and someone from our team will call you back to make another updated order."
READY TIME "Ready in how many minutes?"
PAYMENT CONFIRMATION "As usual, this will be paid using credit card upon pick-up." "You're actually a Postmates Partner so this order has already been paid for. Thanks for assisting, and have a great day!"" Merchant claims that they're not part of the House accounts or unsure about it
CLOSING SPIEL "Thanks for assisting, and have a great day!"
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