• For Online Orders, if you cannot find the item from the listed menu on the website, please use NEED SUB,

Example: Patxi's, California Deep Dish is not found, use need sub.

Please double check and make sure if the items were note really in the menu list. Ask your TL's assistance if in doubt.

  • Update(12/19/2016)
  • If placing a catalog order with a special instruction that is not available, not on the menu, nor part of the item itself, and the merchantt says they don't have it. USE NEED SUB , There is no need to call the custome about it, but when you were given choices, norrow it donw to "How do you usually serve it?" However, when the merchant insists to get the customer's confirmation, that's the time to call the call the customer
  • Update(12/15/2016)

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