When Merchant says ready time is " less than XX minutes" use the next minutes (as per Work dropdown menu) that is lower than the mentioned time.

  • Example:

"Ready in less than 15 mins" - Use 10 min for Ready Time.

When merchant says ready time is "More or less XX minutes" use the XX minutes mentioned.

  • Example

" Ready in more or less 15 min" - Use 15 min for ready time.

  • Update(04/18/2017)

  • When the custormer changed the ready time before ending the call please us the updated time mentioned regardless if it is longer minutes than the first mentioned time. (e.g. says 10min, then changed to to 15 min before ending the call).
  • If However, the Merchant changed the time to a ranged time, use the shortest minute as the ready time. (e.g) mention 10min, then before the call ends says itl's 10-15 mins
  • Update(12/19/2016)

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